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For tutoring to be effective, a bond must be established between the tutor and the student. It often happens that this bond is created quickly, but it can also happen a few sessions before the discomfort dissipates. The success of this good agreement certainly depends on the personalities of each one, but also on the educational qualities of the tutor.

Here are 5 essential qualities according to School Success!

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With individual tutoring, each time it is a different case to which you have to adapt. Since there is no premade formula that is applied to everyone without distinction, the tutor’s approach is nuanced according to need and to offer personalized support to the particular difficulties of each young person. Over the course of the sessions, the tutor must also expect to reassess the student’s objectives as he progresses in his path.

A good tutor is not afraid to establish a new game plan that will be more suitable and will follow the progress of his student.

To establish a good relationship, the tutor must be an energetic person at the base, someone who demonstrates a certain enthusiasm for human relations. This interest on his part will certainly have a positive effect on the student demoralized by school and by his poor grades.

Through his good humor and motivation, the tutor becomes a model of success for the student and encourages him to become more involved in his academic success.

To fully understand a student’s situation, you must listen to their needs and demonstrate openness. Finding out about the context first (academic situation, environment at school, at home, etc.) makes it possible to apply a more targeted follow-up and to use the right working methods. The involvement and availability of the tutor provide good support for the student in difficulty who will feel valued. In his openness, the tutor must both assert his accessibility and his involvement.

A good tutor should be curious and interested in the young person they are helping.

Know how to communicate well  (speech, relevance in the words, popularization)

It’s one thing to know the material, you have to be able to transmit it well! A tutor must make himself understood in his explanations and in addition to expressing himself clearly, he must also be able to popularize the different notions .

Good communication also involves the non-verbal: self-confidence inevitably shines through in the attitude one adopts.

Even knowing the notions at your fingertips, it can happen that elements of the material escape us. It’s normal, you can’t know everything, and above all you have to be able to recognize it. It is indeed preferable to tell a student that we do not know the answer for the moment than to give him approximate information without taking the time to verify it.

In other more difficult situations, where the characters turn out to be less compatible or the sessions do not bear fruit, it is important to know how to step back and admit when you are perhaps not the right person to help the student. After all, the well-being and success of their student is their primary mission.

Bonus: create a bond of trust with the parent

From the first meeting, we invite you to discuss with your tutor to clearly communicate your expectations in relation to tutoring, but also to get to know him better and understand the nature of his work. This collaboration is beneficial for the success of your child, who will feel supported in his efforts and well supervised by those around him.

At School Success, we are looking for talented and dedicated people who meet these criteria. In this way, we can assure you of a quality service that meets your expectations!

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