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Your child is going to boarding school. Did you decide it together? Is it easier for your family or your professional situation for your child to go to boarding school? Parentia reviews the pros, cons, and average cost of boarding school.

What is a boarding school?

A boarding school is a place where students study, but they also play sports, eat and live there. If your child goes to a boarding school, he will have to take into account the rules in force. Each boarding school has a daily schedule that must be followed to the letter. A boarding school can exist separately or be attached to a school. In both cases, the boarding school can accommodate students from several schools.

Boarding school for ordinary education or specialized education.

There are boarding schools for ordinary education and for specialized education. On the Onderwijs Vlaanderen website you will find an overview by province. If you are looking for a boarding school in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation , an overview by province is also available. Does your child want to follow a particular study orientation? First look for a school that offers these courses and ask the school if they collaborate with a boarding school. If not, contact a boarding school near the school.

Did you know that more and more children from problematic educational situations are placed in boarding schools? A boarding school can provide them with a warm home. In a boarding school, these young people in difficulty benefit from a clear structure and a daily routine.

What types of boarding schools are there?

Boarding schools come in different shapes and sizes. Below you discover the most common types!

Ordinary boarding schools; boarding schools for the education of people with special needs, homes for children of homeless parents

Pupils in nursery, primary and secondary education (and to a lesser extent in higher education) can attend boarding school. You pay the boarding fees for your child’s stay. Pupils suffering from an ailment, whether or not they come from a specialized education, can also stay in a boarding school for ordinary education.

The advantages of a boarding school

confidence : a boarding school helps to strengthen your child’s self-confidence and personal development.

Discipline : The daily boarding school program teaches your child to keep agreements and achieve goals.

supervision : the children are helped and guided by educators and educational advisers.

help from other boarders : a classmate can easily help your child assimilate the (more difficult) subjects.

Group feeling : Studying together in a calm environment has a stimulating and motivating effect, in addition to benefiting your child’s social skills.

regularity : your child studies, eats and sleeps at set times. This structure is good for the general well-being of your son/daughter.

the boarding school team : ensures that your child feels at home. Residents also often feel connected to each other in groups.

And the disadvantages?

There are also some disadvantages to boarding school that you need to consider:

Homesickness : Children may feel homesick when thinking about home, especially at first.

the empty nest : you will also miss your child and you will have to emotionally accept not seeing him during the week.

adaptation : some children find it more difficult to make contact with others or to accept life in the boarding school.

How much does a boarding school cost?

Your child’s stay in a boarding school has a cost. On average, you pay between €11 and €18 per day . If your child arrives at the boarding school on a Sunday, an additional amount is sometimes charged. Boarding schools also require a deposit, to be paid at the beginning of the school year. Some boarding schools ask you to provide your child’s sleeping equipment (pillow, mattress cover, duvet, sheets).

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