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I have a good new. Not only is it possible, but you can do it very easily.

If you follow this blog regularly and even if I don’t expand, you must know that I spend a large part of my days writing.

In my activity as a biographer, I do two things, I listen to my storytellers and I write for them.

By dint of writing, I discovered that the only thing that slows down and limits my writing is myself!

1 / Write while limiting yourself to one task

To limit myself to a single task and focus on my writing, I eliminate all distractions around me. I know it’s difficult especially with Twitter, Facebook and the e-mails whose sound signal announces the arrival often makes you lose concentration.

I discovered that I could dramatically increase my writing speed by limiting myself to what I wrote without dissipating myself.

To achieve this, the very simple trick is to concentrate on your writing work without worrying about the rest.

If emails come in, reply later, when you’ve stopped writing and enjoyed a moment of relaxation. There, throw yourself on your mailbox and answer!

2 / Reassure your inner critic

Our inner critic is the worst enemy when it comes to writing because it pushes for immediate perfection. On the one hand, it’s pretty good unfortunately, it’s also what prevents you from letting go.

So promise your inner critic that you’ll gladly come back to your first draft! But for now, she leaves you alone!

3 / Use a Bepo

Maybe you don’t know Bépo, because almost all of us use Querty or Azerty keyboards.

The Bépo is a layout of symbols and characters designed for computer keyboards to facilitate the entry of French, typographic elements, not to mention programming symbols.

The Bépo keyboard improves several things:

stay on the rest line as much as possible

balances the use of both hands

never have to go to the top row for fluent French

and many others..

On the same 500-character text, you have a person on the left on Azerty at 60 words per minute and on the right on Bépo at 80 words per minute.

If you want to know more about Bépo, click here .

I tested and after a learning curve, the speed is incredible. I haven’t switched to Bépo yet but I’m thinking about it very seriously.

4 / Write with your voice

A great way to increase the speed of your writing is to use voice transcription software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

It is very useful, because it frees the flow of inspiration. Granted, it doesn’t transcribe error-free, but it’s surprisingly accurate, especially if you use it regularly, as it will get used to your voice and the way you speak.

Note that the latest versions of Windows, for example, have voice recognition. I use Windows 7 and I am amazed at the performance of the “voice recognition” function.

5 / Do “brain dumping”

Whenever I get stuck, I start writing as fast as I can without thinking. Sometimes the too reasonable brain slows down inspiration.

So I write down all the ideas that come to mind without worrying about anything. Brain dumping is a great way to stimulate your ideas. Once you have your list of ideas, choose the one that seems best to you. Try it, it’s surprising and very effective.

6 / Set a deadline

If you want to significantly reduce your writing time, opt for an hourglass, a clock… and set a writing time.

If you write 500 words, you can set a time limit of ten minutes. This will force you to write them down as quickly as possible. It will also help silence your inner critic and focus on what’s really important.

Test and this time again, you may surprise yourself.

7 / Refine the routine

We all have routines and rituals that help us get into writing conditions.

Mine is coffee or tea! I make myself a bowl and I work drinking from time to time. Of course, it ends up being cold… but I’m used to it.

I also work quite often with an essential oil diffuser. It’s soothing and in addition I love the smell that spreads in my office.

Think back to the last time you felt really good about writing.

What had you done? Was there a particular reason? Which ?

Reflect on this and recreate the same conditions that made you so comfortable writing.

8 / Find your place of writing

Personally, I prefer to write sitting at my desk in silence. Sometimes for certain scenes I listen to music. But not too long, because I quickly lose focus.

I also like to change places to write. I go to the library from time to time, in the middle of the afternoon. I can isolate myself and sit at a work table. I plug in my computer… and onward!

Find your writing place. There is bound to be a place that will be more favorable to you.

9 / Write on subjects that fascinate

It may not seem like much, but have you ever noticed how much better you are when you write about things you are passionate about.

Being passionate isn’t just important in writing, but in all areas of your life.

If you do what excites you, you’ll produce quality work while feeling great… So what are you waiting for?

You have just finished reading this article, you now have several resources to write faster, easier and better. These methods are to be tested and used now!

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