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Know how to write a letter taking into account the interlocutor

When writing a letter , it is essential to adapt to the recipient . It can be a relative or family member for the sending of an informal letter, or an official person, as part of an administrative letter. Of course, the vocabulary, the tone and the expressions of politeness will have to adapt to the interlocutor.

The tone of a personal letter

An informal letter (or personal letter) can be addressed to family, friends or spouse to tell about holidays, give news, or announce a family event. Depending on the connection with your interlocutor, you can adopt a humorous, serious, romantic or even familiar tone. The familiarity or familiarity will be chosen according to the age of the person and the relationship you have with them.

The tone of an administrative letter

A formal letter (or administrative letter) can be sent to a company, an elected official or a public service: your internet service provider, EDF, your director, your mayor, your deputy, the taxes, the CAF… In this case , formality is required and polite expressions will be perfectly chosen.

Spelling and writing

In both cases, it is important to take care of your writing and spelling to be easily read. If you think you’re making mistakes, don’t hesitate to have yourself proofread, consult a dictionary or use your computer’s spell checker.

The 7 essentials of a formal letter

Remember these few elements when you write an administrative letter: 1. Your name and address in the header on the left 2. The name and address of the recipient in the header on the right 3. The date and the place just below 4. The subject of the mail (“Letter of motivation”, “Request for allowances”, for example) 5. Mayor”, for example) 6. The polite formula under the body of the text (“Please accept, Madam, my best regards”, for example) 

Use a letter template

To save time and make it easier to write your letters, La Poste offers a service of free letter templates to personalize directly online. Different letter templates are available to you to simplify your administrative procedures, your job or internship searches, as well as your complaints and requests for the termination of insurance, mutual insurance or even mobile phone contracts, etc.

These online letters make it possible to structure your speech, not to forget important elements in your mail and above all to be sent directly to your recipients after having been personalized by you, then printed and franked by La Poste. Everything happens on the internet without leaving your home!

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